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Developmental Neuropsychology

Children, Adolescents, and College Students 

Welcome to my website.  Within these pages you will find information about neuropsychological and psycheducational assessments, my professional services, and links to helpful websites and articles.     

Developmental neuropsychology is a specialty area which focuses on the interaction of brain functioning, learning, behavior, and emotions.  

My practice for the past thirty years has predominantly consisted of evaluations of children, adolescents, and young adults when there are concerns about how the individual learns or when one wishes to understand the factors interfering with the ability to function at a level consistent with aptitude. These evaluations include tests of cognitive and academic skills, as well as visual-spatial abilities, motor control, auditory skills, language ability, memory, attention, executive functions, and emotional status.  Having been a teacher and a reading specialist previously, I am well verserd in the implications of such measures in practical settings. Consultations to parents, schools and other professionals are also provided.  

I would be delighted to work with you to provide insight into problems and recommendations for interventions to help you or your child manage challenges most effectively.

Licenses and Credentials
Psychologist PSY 10067

California Standard Teaching Credential 

     Reading Specialist Credential

     Learning Handicapped Credential 



Areas of Specialization 


Learning Disabilities: 




Attention Deficit Disorders 

Language and Auditory Disorders 

Executive Functions Deficits 

Non-verbal Learning Disoorder 

Behavioral Problems 

Developmental Disorders 

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